From WTabb presentation IFLA President’s Meeting — The Hague May 2011

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— We believe that people, communities and organizations need for their physical, mental, democratic and economic well-being, free access to information, ideas and works of imagination.

and just when did you stop taking your medication?

TLIB Proposed Article 7 (superceded by WIPO SCCR23/5)

— Right to Reproduction and Distribution of Copies by Libraries and Archives

— 1) It shall be permitted for a library or archive to reproduce and to distribute a copy of a copyright work, or of material protected by related rights, to a library user, or to another library or archive, for purposes of:

— a) education;
— b) requests by users for research or private use;
— c) interlibrary document supply;
provided that such reproduction and distribution is in accordance with fair practice.

I wrote on

— The unspoken 500-pound-gorilla-in-the-room is the SCCR 23/5 broad exceptions for libraries and archives document which would eclipse anything in the current SCCR 23/7 exceptions for the visually impaired.

— Should the SCCR 23/7 document pass in anything resembling its current form, I infer from published remarks that those in the IP rights community believe it would be that much more difficult to oppose the 23/5 library treaty.

Comments to the WIPO SCCR Secretariat 23/8 ‘Exceptions & Limitations for Libraries’ Consultation document closed 29 FEB 2012.  Stay tuned!