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121AuthEnt.org is a Florida 501c3 Non Profit Corporation with an expressed and primary purpose to provide Braille and other services as an Authorized Entity under Section 121 of US Copyright Law — thus the name 121AuthEnt.org

121Authent.org is intensely interested in issues of Copyright Limitations & Exceptions as in the US Copyright Act Section 121 ‘Chafee Amendment’, the UK (Visually Impaired Persons) Act 2002, and the proposed WIPO / World Blind Union (WBU) Treaty under consideration at SCCR meetings in Geneva, Switzerland.

As of February 20, 2010, we have obtained 501c3 approval from the IRS and qualify by ‘primary mission’ statement as an Authorized Entity under Section 121.

121AuthEnt.org and JEM have registered with APH as Accessible Media Producer (AMP). JEM is a US Library of Congress Certified Braille Transcriber / Literary Braille.

An IRS 501c3 Corporation      EMAIL: 121AuthEnt /at\ gmail.com


I am active on the following websites / blogs:

Twitter.com   @Travel_brl   https://twitter.com/#!/travel_brl

http://www.scribd.com/jem40000  esp. http://scr.bi/wR5UfM  — Wait ’til next year.

www.IP-Watch.org as john e miller  esp.  http://bit.ly/ykmODX

25FEB2012 ‘Balanced Copyright’ (2 comments) http://bit.ly/A7HWfL

www.tacd-ip.org as john e miller esp. http://tacd-ip.org/archives/581#comments

also ‘If you can’t sue them, get them to sue you’. http://bit.ly/yIW84J

WWW.KEIonline.org as JEM40000

USCO Supplies misleading answer

My 3 Comments to the above which were posted and then subsequently deleted are available here:


http://www.insidehighered.com as jem40000 esp.  ARL ‘Fair Use’ Best Practices

— and more self-congratulating in the Library world:  http://bit.ly/yZhsL6

and even The New York Times:  http://nyti.ms/xgOXlB   &  http://nyti.ms/xnBtfH